who we are

The Ferrara Functional Genomics is born as a microarray Facility of the Department of Experimental and Diagnostic Medicine, at the University of Ferrara. It has been created by researchers, namely Dr. Massimo Negrini, Angelo Veronese and Manuela Ferracin in 2006, thanks to their experience in the fields of microarray and cancer.

In 2009 the Facility moved to a new location inside the University Hospital area, in the building named the "Cube".
Since October 2010, the Microarray Facility has been accredited as an approved "Agilent Service Provider"

The Facility is now part of the Ferrara "Tecnopolo Scienze della Vita", a piece of the Emilia-Romagna research network, which has the aim of moving the productive system toward the high technology and promoting an economy based on knowledge and innovation.