Ferrara Functional Genomics is a microarray facility of the University of Ferrara which provides gene expression analyses (mRNAs, microRNAs, ultraconserved regions) based on Agilent microarray platforms.
In addition to the several already available microarrays, it possible to develop customized microarrays to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Additional microarray-based types of analyses (such as comparative genomic hybridization, DNA methylation, chromatin immunoprecipitation) are planned as future developments at the Facility.

Facility's staff is highly experiences on microRNA expression profiling, a research area in rapid expansion with several potential translational applications 1.

The Facility also provides the innovative platform for the expression analysis of ultra conserved regions (UCRs) of human/mouse/rat, for which the Facility has developed a microarray 2.

In addition to bio-medical studies, microarray technology can be applied to other fields of study, such as veterinary, agriculture, environment monitoring. The approach can be used for the high-throughput detection of micro-organisms in water and food. The services offered by the Facility can be applied to these fields.