Laboratories and expertise

At the laboratories of the Microarray Facility at DMSD-Unife, instruments for the overall analysis of Agilent microarrays are available. It will be possible not only to use human mRNAs, microRNAs and UCRs microarrays, but also other animal and vegetal species. All commercially available Agilent microarrays can be used 4.

In addition, it is possibile to develop customized microarrays. All microarrays, including "custom", are developed with the "ink-jet" Agilent technology. Microarrays are not produced at the DMSD-Unife Facility, but at Agilent, which guarantees quality and reproducibility of the microarrays over time. If commercially available, the client can eventually choose to buy the microarray directly from Agilent.

We offer free pre-experimental consultation to ensure your study to be solid, scientifically worthwhile and as economical as possible. We give advice in experimental design questions and statistical issues.

We offer statistical and bioinformatic data analysis on primary data and downstream functional analyses that include significant genes identification, class prediction. We support data from our and other, outside, platforms; and can help with publication and database submission. Our software packages include GeneSpring GX Analysis Platform comprehensive of Pathway analysis module, BRB-ArrayTools, SAM (Significance Analysis of Microarrays), PAM (Prediction Analysis of Microarrays).

All data generated from the facility are stored in a confidential database and are accessible through a ftp server. Data and information supplied by the facility are intended for research use only.