The Microarray Facility at Unife does not sell products (such as microarrays), but services based on these products.  In this regard, the Facility can operate as an outsourcing instrument or collaborate to research projects.

The client can use the Facility to perform "genome-wide" analyses of its own samples.

In addition, the client can use the Facility to develop and/or test its own microarray products. The Microarray Facility can help to develop custom microarrays based on the Agilent platform technology.  New probes could be designed or new combinations of probes could be placed on custom microarrays.

The Microarray Facility has developed original products, such as the microarray for the analysis of UCRs (ultra-conserved regions among human, mouse and rat) expression. However, this product cannot be sold as is, but only in the context of one of the services described in the Services section.